Tuesday, February 26, 2008

self reflexive filmmaking...part 1

apropos to my post about Film within films...and my confession for great love on this genre called self-reflexive films - from now on i have started a self-reflexive filmmaking series wherein i will showcase some trivia about directors who almost in some or their other films have shown this great art of self-reflexive behavior!

the first in the series is micheal haneke..the next best thing to Amadeus Mozart from Austria. Haneke has had a wonderful take on self reflexive filmmaking!

picture this: (courtesy: sensesofcinema.org)
here we are talking about his film 'Funny Games'
Haneke employs a number of self-referential devices to, as the director once said, “rape the spectator to independence.” Halfway through the film, for instance, one killer winks into the camera and subsequently asks the viewer, “what would you bet that this family is dead by nine o'clock tomorrow?” The film thus plays with the spectator just as the young men play their “funny game” with the family. The killer Paul later explains why he can't possibly stop his abuse: “we're still under the length of a proper feature film.”

The ironic self-referentiality reaches its apex when a character actually rewinds the film. When the mother manages to grab a gun and shoot Paul's accomplice, Paul grabs a remote control and rewinds the scene, thus securing control over the film's outcome.

WOW!!!! man that is the kind of filmmaking i would go nuts for! haneke u can employ me for my whole life - for free.. i will mop and sweep your sets happily....

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