Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FIFA World Cups: Moments, memories and amazing hiccups! My most memorable moment!

A FIFA World Cup is the biggest stage that an individual can ever get, full stop. There's no sport like football that can capture the imagination of humankind. Over the years FIFA world cup has lead to some amazing moments and surprises. Now, I have never been an avid football fan but then an Event like this does ask for attention. And then being in Europe whether you want it or not, cheers, catcalls and boos on street make you quickly turn around and realize - 'oh it must be the football fever'

The World Cup has lead to some amazing moments: From minnows Senegal beating France in the first match after the later had won the previous World Cup to England loosing almost always during the Penalties. From the infamous 'Hand of God' Maradona moment to the Zidane-Matarazzi Head Butt, From Christine Ronaldo's ugly act of getting Rooney a red-card to South-Korea in semi-finals!! . From Maradona being sent back for taking drugs to controversies like spitting the Holland player spitting on that German arse-hole.

But there is this one moment that is one of my most prized moments in the history of any game. Its one of the most heart rendering things that could have happened to someone. I was very young when i saw this happen and probably couldn't gauge the amount of emotions/opinions that it could have churned up for one person. But a few years later when I saw this moment again and i felt - "Gosh!" how could god be so merciless. It was 1994 World Cup Final. I dont know how to put this but it really hurts when it all comes down to that one moment, and the outcome of that moment is how one would be remembered. The one visual that will last forever, the one memory that will be etched in every viewer's mind, the one decision that one would never ever be able to turn around. When the whole world was backing him, when every football fan was clasping his hands in prayer and people who knew the player where almost sure about him completing this task. He had scored 5 goals in 3 knock-out matches, come on now - this is what you call a Star player. He was one of the most distinguished figures of football in 1990s. And here he was. When the stage was set and the arena was just waiting - The finals of the World Cup. Italy Vs. Brazil and both teams are tied up eve after Extra Time. Its the Penalty Shoot Out and the Last Penalty to be taken by the Star. The one who could get over this in a jiffy. and in came him with his pony tail - Robberto Baggio - that one chance for him to achieve immortality and to become everyone's hero. Italy are 2-3 in Pemalty Shoot out. His kick in goal makes them afloat and the Shoot Out could go on. Robberto Baggio takes a deep breath, his head is down (never a good sign!). The world awaits in silence. He takes the Penalty and....

stunned silence, people sigh - the moment has passed and the world cant believe it. Robberto Baggio - the star of the world cup, the star of a wonderful Italian team - the one man who could even kick a penalty in his sleep and it would be goal - misses the most important kick in his career. And Italy loose the world cup! How could destiny choose this moment for this wonderful a player. Never had Italy cried so much.

That one FIFA moment, forget Baggio but even I who is just an average fan of the game will never be able to forget.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eccentri'cities' of Scotland

Street Artist

Never knew they were so famous! :)

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Thousands came out. Traffic was diverted, roads were blocked for people to walk. Amazing for someone living in Bombay!

Didn't know even funerals needed directors!

Cycle Rickshaws, Scotland style!

Nelson's Monument!

Carlton Hill

Beggar with a Guitar!

Man with the Skirt! Things that can only happen in Scotland!

The Scottish Castle


This is amazing!

Thats true!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Images from Edinburgh - first week!

please click on the image to view large. Feels like I am inside a movie of Wim Wenders!

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