Thursday, October 30, 2008

india's political film

When was the last time we saw a hardcore political content in our cinema?
Our films have always been about mindless romances and stupid buffoonery - but then finally there s someone who really cares about the political scenario of the country and is quick to make a cinematic statement on it!
Ladies and gentlemen please open your arms for KRK - alias Kamaal R Khan - he is here with his extremely hardcore political statement called “Deshdrohi”.

It has dialogues that can send a chill down MNS’ spine.

It expresses the sentiment of North Indians living in Mumbai. And hey the best part is that it is expressing that sentiment in its very own language.

It has a hero that represents the common North Indian migrant. Someone who comes to the city and then follows a ‘rags to riches’ cult story.

Last heard KRK, the guy - he actually runs an export agency in Andheri East. But I guess the political scenario of the city must have compelled him to make a strong political film like this. And to top it all - he thought who better than himself to voice the fiery dialogues?
“kabhi UP-Bihar aake dekhna hum mehmaan ko bhi bhagwaan samajhte hai..”

And look at the star list he has on his film. - Yashpal Sharma, Aman Verma, Mukesh Tiwari, Gracy Singh etc - did u observe that every actor has once upon a time been a North Indian migrant - so am sure they share the sentiment with KRK.

I think this is a strong statement issued against the Shiv sena and MNS - and you know the best part. KRK knew that no one in bollywood will have balls to put their money in such films - thus he himself produced it! Man this guy has balls! Ask Anurag Kashyap how he must have got the finances for Black Friday? - Am sure if it was not the book - he would have had to face severe problems to get the film released. But KRK - u rock man...u have captured Mumbaikar’s imagination by putting up your posters on local train stations. Am just waiting for Deshdrohi’s release - 7th November - boys and girls - don’t forget!

Monday, October 27, 2008

on Shyam babu's Welcome to Sajjanpur...!!

Shyam babu has fallen into pits - resorting to the awkward treatment he gave to Welcome to Sajjanpur.. no doubt the film was fun - but i didnt go just for fun when i read Shyam Benegal on it.
Better to watch Suraj ka Satva Ghoda again on the DVD. whatta film that was by the way!

p.s: Fatih Akin is hitting Bombay Multiplexes, can there be greater news than that...?