Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Black and White Perspective through the Moving Train

Since now most of you know about Bhaand Master's fascination for Indian Railways and the work that resulted in. Here is a sneak peak of some black and white pictures that I could chance my hands upon while standing at the door of a moving train.

In villages or the smallest of the towns in India, the most happening place after the market or cinema hall is the Railway Platform. Here a Sardar uses his village railway platform for his morning walk.

Living next to the Railway Tracks in India is very common. Regular businesses go by as the trains pass by. Here a young boy crosses the tracks to join his friends on the other side.

Winter in North India brings dense fog and thus inevitably Trains start running late. Here a family waits for their delayed train.

The beautiful countryside that one is often treated to, while traveling through Indian Railways.

Four different age groups captured together in one frame through a moving train. Something that I feel how the stages of a growing boy in a village would be.

Advertisements about curing impotency, increasing virility and the talented hakims & saints who could cure these ailments are rampant on the bricked walls in Northern India. And the most prominent belt for these advertisements are Etawah-Agra-Mathura-Ghaziabad.

Migration. In the biting cold of a winter morning, a mother and a daughter walk by the railway track with all their belongings.

A Train passing through a small village is almost an event that the kids wait for. Here two young boys cheer from under a bridge as a speeding train passes.

Like people, birds too are no different when it comes to meeting near the Railway Station on evenings.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Day in the life of India

There's nothing more exciting than drama in real life. Imagine experiencing Hailey's Comet in one's lifetime! The 2011 Cricket World Cup Final in Mumbai was one such event that could not, not be captured on camera.

For a whole generation that has grown up on stories of that wonderful June evening at Lords Stadium in the summer of 1983, here was our chance to witness history on the 2nd of April 2011, right at our doorsteps, at the new mecca of this wonderful sport - Cricket.

And what a Day in the life of India it was...

music courtesy: Salento by Rene Aubry

Shot & Cut by
hardik mehta

The Day in the life of India from hardik mehta on Vimeo.

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