Saturday, February 23, 2008

delhi dilemmas

why isn't the capital city among the best cities to do business? the reason is simple.. the spirit of business among its people is so amiss! i am sure delhi can never ever become the best business district of our country. the VCD shop guy to whom i regularly go... i am stressing - to whom i regularly go..will not give me my money back since the CD dint work on my comp. It is even more generous to expect that the shopkeeper can sense the mood of the customer that the CD has not worked and he s back within 20 minutes to my shop, since he is upset and wants to return the CD, let me take the VCD and return him his money along with the deposit. but instead he wouldn't even care about that aspect and start trying to justify himself by showing that see the CD works at my place. arrey yaar, if the CD hasn't worked this time and the customer is back in 20 mins, why dont u just take the CD back and return the money? he s a regualr customer, he comes once a week - why to spoil the business just because of 1 film - but No! - delhi's traders and its shopkeepers are known for their cunning behaviour...

almost all of my relatives had warned me before going to this city that - delhi is known for its thugs...."aisse he film ka naam dilli ka thug nahi rakhaa gaya tha..." true they were... and this is not my first experience - on countless instances, the customer has been treated like this...and when the customer has been treated royally - i make sure i ask the origin of where the trader belongs to and in most cases it turns out that he s a non-delhite...

the people who think belong to delhi and rightfully own delhi are the ones who are causing problems to the city. A normal ordinary migrant is contributing to the city and in a certain way is also benefitting from the metro - but then i think if delhi will be ruined than it will be because of its people and not the migrants or travellers or some fly-by-night people like me - who have just come here to spend 2 years and not a single day more!

delhi's majority of business class stinks! heavily!

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