Friday, February 29, 2008

PVR cinema sucks! big time!!!!

how would u feel, if every other fashinable lady is allowed with her hand bag inside the multiplex but u are not allowed to take your shopping bag because u are having a carry bag of that place where u shopped from...?

how would u feel if u are asked to submit your helmet to a nearby pan shop, who will in-turn charge u 10 bucks for the helmet? all this coz, the multiplex authorities cant take care of your helmet, or more they cant have a counter where they can keep their helmets? so u pay 7 rs/- for parking your bike, then u pay 10/- bucks for your helmet at the pan shop (out of which i am sure PVR, Anupam must be having its commission)- thus u almost end up paying 20 more bucks in addition to your ticket of rs. 175/-

unbelievable, the way we allow corporatization to intrude our lives? but then why would i go to a fuck-all cinema hall like PVR, Anupam - only bcoz they were playing "there will be blood" much for a film...ooof!!!

PVR needs to place a counter for helmets/handbags, even their competitors Satyam multiplexes have it... so why go all the way to saket, when i can watch films at Nehru place.. Fuck u PVR!!!

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