Wednesday, February 13, 2008

O brother where art thou?

O brother where art thou?
- the Lumiere brothers invented cinema...

- on Oscar list of 2008, we see Coen brothers everywhere in each category...thus its the right time to remember our desi version of brothers... the Wadia brothers...
Homi Wadia and Jamshed Wadia- the forerunners of stunt films in 30s and the ones who brought Fearless Nadia to fame...

- like me they too had a fascination for trains... their films include Toofan Mail, Miss Frontier Mail, Punjab Mail etc...Their films had Nadia performing stunts herself with a horse who was always named "Punjab ka Beta" (seems they were the ones who started the punjabification in indian cinema and like all experiments they started with animals :) )
One of the most interesting charecteristics of Wadia brothers were their film titles:

Hurricane Hansa
Hunterwaali ki Beti
Diamond Queen
Lutaru Lalna
Toofani Tarzan
Hanuman Pataal Vijay

a tribute to all the brothers who were born to CineMAA!

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