Monday, June 30, 2008


i love cinema which is about eccentric guys - and which is about details - and the cinema that can be done and over in a month - get a small crew - shoot in Alibaug farm house - ek mahina, baat khatam - film release kar daalo.. no money to be wasted on huge sets and star tantrums - thats what Mithya is all about - a sleeper hit - as it was called of 2008 - as much as i loved the actors - i thought it was also an example of lazy writing. i dint get what did the writer want to prove by killing the main protagonist in the end? i mean thats the most literal thing to do - once the kind of situation he was in - i mean surprise us by ideas! surprise us by the street smartness of VK - of where he can realistically make a fool of the whole gang.. and please Harsh Chaaya as the underworld guy is a case of bad casting! Naseer wasn't given meaty lines - else i am the last one to tell what he is capable of given some good roles.

It was fun to watch Ranvir - who is quite a natural actor and can speak the lines with the right effect - he does excellent in that scene where he complains about the daal to Vinay Pathak and then the 3 of them break into a kind of arguement. thats what i called good actors are all about.

Mithya had some really good writing in the initial part - look at the details about VK in first half - brilliant - the lines - "yeh kya andheri local ka maafik idhar se udhar ho raha hai.." they speak so much about the character.

but hey the climax i still stand dint come as near to what i wanted it to be - its good to take the audience on a trip and then give them a jolt..but probably this wasn't the way. It was just too lazy writing in the end.

But i still prefer Mithya over a hundred hindi films - carry on the good work - give us at least 4 films from Rajat Kapoor's team every year.


Ridhima said...

Well dats what an experimental movie liek this is all about...generally the climax is ambiguous...Ranbir and vinay pathak are a treat to watch as a combo..too bad they dint use much of vinay in the movie..overall a wonderful movie indeed :)
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Anonymous said...

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