Saturday, July 12, 2008

Osian adventure

so then have been having films for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Osian's cinefan in delhi - watched Lemon tree, Brick Lane, Halla, Sparrow, the Terrorizers - phew! - all in one day.

but my blog today is about an interesting incident - i hate getting late into films - esp it takes out the fun when the film has started - so tanmay - my Osian co-mate and me reached 2 mins late into a taiwanese film - the Terrorizers - as the volunteer helped us locating our seats - we saw them and were about to proceed to them and on our way we had to cross an uncle - whose vision got blocked for a fraction of a second - he was pissed - rightly so - we were late! but he commented "yeh koi hindi film nahi chal rahi hai ke late aa sakte ho - ! " and i snapped back and to my delight - the whole audi heard it - even my film faculty heard - of whose presence i was completely unaware.

i replied him or rather shouted at him "hindi film mei bhi late nahi aana chahiye uncle"

he was a typical film fest attending psuedo-intellectual, who thought an ordinary taiwanese film would be an intellectual choice and a hindi film belongs to dogs!

why doesnt Osian have an automatic scanner to sort out such bufoons? saale ko koi jaake samjhao - ke Hong kong ka directr aake idhar apne cantonese mei baat karta hai aur hum ek ghante tak usse sunte hain aur tu saala yeh samjhta hai ke woh sahi hai - lekin humare hindi counterparts bakwaas banate hain? do hell with u uncle - u dint learn enough from life...hell - u cant be allowed to watch cinema also!

anyways Osian is a huge change - i love attending the films and sitting in one corner - watching the delhi socialites exchanging fake smiles, plastic words, cold gestures - but who cares when the 24 frames take u each step higher with each passing second!

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