Wednesday, June 18, 2008

U, Me aur Gam

ya the title says that the film is on the emotional side.

but what made ajay devgun and his team think of such a bad first half! its outrageous. u cannot sit through the film's first half - it is quite frivilous, the jokes are nothing short of disaster. although the big fat boy was occasionally funny.

but then wait for the second half - it will tell u why Ajay has got 2 national awards in his kitty. my throat choked when towards the end he gets frustrated and blurts "arrey yaar galti ho gai!".

its simple and straightforward. thats what happens when its a clash between husbands and wives. The film has its moments. But even when the script is getting tighter towards the end - what was the need of that "saiyaan" song! complete waste.

Ajay Devgun shows his true colors only towards the 2nd half of the film. but the colors are vibrant enough to sit through the dull first half.
With Aseem bajaj on the lens - there was enough scope for a few "wow" frames and he delivers them.

If it was not for the wonderful climax, the film was a disaster debut for Devgun - but somewhere he has pulled the right strings and lets hope like many directors who failed to deliver the 1st time - this too is a case in point for Ajay Devgun.

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Ridhima said...

lol ya it was u me aur gum indeed. The movie was nice and these 2 have always looked cute together. I agree dat the 1st half was kinda irritating esp wid sooo many supporting actors! but overall it was not bad. and the music was also decent.