Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brand New DTC experience!

today for the first time experienced the new DTC's (delhi transport corporation) low floor bus. needless to say its a wonderful experience after those bloody blueline buses and more bloodier their conductors!

had always thought that BEST in Bombay was always the best. how did bombay BEST drivers manage to drive in those narrow lanes that go up the hill and come down in midst of all the shanties. and even after all of this the conductor would always give you the remaining 25 paise back. (in Delhi if u get 1 ruppee back from the conductor - i will say u are lucky). Anyways, Delhi still has wide roads where the broad new DTC buses can travel. and i dont mind these broad roads getting divided into bus lanes. after all bus is a public transport. well - my politics for BRT lanes will be explained later.

But ya the new low floor buses has a smooth pick up and is completely noise-free. it only stops at the alloted bus stands (which i think is quite new for delhities to get adjust to). Also it features an automatic door close and open system - again unique for people in India - who are accustomed to hang outside the main door with their one foot managing a square inch on the steps. And the most wonderful part about this bus i experienced is that in an extremely interesting way it cuts through the traffic, even when the BRT lane is not there. I experienced this near the busy Nehru Place.

anyways me thinks that every car wallah should take these buses every week at least once. in a world of rising oil prices and conjusted traffic jams - this is a neat option - at least once a week - who 's asking those CEOs?. let those bloody idiots travel in their AC cocoons, but the ordinary upper middle class guy can surely experience the new low floor DTC once a week.!

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