Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Loss of Sensitivity and why our Generation creates problems for itself...

If you enter a room of a young bachelor, living independently in a metro city, who earns a good salary or rather enough to over spend on himself or herself - one of the first things that would come to your mind is - why did I enter in the room at the first place?

Now figure these observations and am sure, 80% of them would come true in any given one room of these kind of species. The Species, as I described are generally recently graduated, working, far away from the idea of marriage, forget marriage, far from the idea of society or civilization, drinking shots, smoking pot, losing the plot, earning more than required and savings - of course Not. (blame it on the phenomenon of instant gratification)
And mind you these species are all over and are increasing in number with the way migration to metro cities for a better, brighter future is happening. So here are some peculiarities to be seen once you enter their houses, not homes.

- The corner plug will always have a mobile charger hanging loose, its switched permanently On. As if the charger has to be on its toes. "Salaam sir, you have entered the room, now please crash and put the mobile here, till the time you go out next". Of course that permanently On charger switch is not going to burn your pockets, so why to worry in switching it off. Let it be On.

- Fans, tubelights would be permanently On - Day or Night, Darkness or light - whether one is in the room or not. And the most interesting fact comes now, At the end of the month, when the electricity bill appears, you would see them roaming around with the bill in their hands: "How come so much amount in the Bill?, I just come at night to sleep". If science has some power please invent those kind of tubelights, fans who sense that if there is no one in the room for more than ten minutes, kindly gets switched off on its own.Mr. Pachauri, something to distract you from that Himalayan blunder debate. Me thinks, even if those Glaciers are not going to melt by 2035 then does it mean they are not going to melt anytime - at least lets not stop those environmental measures. A stitch in time...and the rest you know.

- Wet Towels on bed. the most irritating aspect of bachelors. I would direct a order from High Court for the most severe punishment, if I would find doing this for more than 5 continuous days. Yeah, please tell me I am talking like a nagging housewife. But aint she most of the time right, guys?

- Since kitchens come under common area, either it is everyones responsibility or of course, the convenient - no one has a responsibility. So lets pull in all the trash there. Either the maid will collect it or it will always be away from my sight at least.

- Now the next one according to me is very interesting and I have followed it very keenly. If a gardener, electrician, plumber, carpenter, or any such person comes to offer his services, then invariably the arguments on payment would happen and often it would be for a meagre sum of 20 or 40 bucks. Now everyone who would be taking those services, will always feel at the back of their minds that the other person is out there to cheat me. So invariably needless arguments would result in. But at the same time, they wont give two hoots to such a paltry sum of money while spending on much much trivial stuff. A simple thought that even an electrician/plumber/carpenter etc are out here to earn and support ther families. Even you bloody get paid more than what you deserve, then a 20 or a 30 Rs more wont make him enough rich for you to be jealous. If you take the same line of thought and go ahead am sure - there will be many Balram Halwais of the The White Tiger fame. Arrey, Why not. We need more Balrams to make these young privileged class understand the value of money to someone who doesnt have much.

- Anyways coming back to these character traits, one of the biggest trouble makers are people who smoke. This is not being mentioned because I dont smoke, or I find smoking repulsive - But more than half of the smokers make their rooms or their surroundings so inhabitable with their smoke, ash, ash trays and a complete loss of sensitivity. The last especially when hardly many realize that the opposite person may not feel the same as I feel about smoking.

- While going out, Main doors are always kept wide open. The simple idea of keeping them ajar doesnt exist.

- Mobile ringtones on the loudest possible volume and talking on it loudly when there is someone else in room, who is sleeping, resting or not in the mood to listen to your bakwaas. Actually for mobile there has to be a whole new book written called "Mobile Manners" and it has to be given free of cost, when a customer buys a mobile. With serious changes taking place in our lifestyles, we also need to update our manners accordingly.

There is a list of such traits - From keeping newspapers in toilets, loud music, dirty laptops, leaking taps, tainted washbasins, open toilets etc - But as of now I would limit myself to these. By writing here, I am just jotting these observations which I happened to do in daily life. If only these Species have a little more responsibility towards machines and themselves. The way they have so many things to make themselves look good - conditioners, face washes, cleansers, shampoos, soaps, gels, creams, moisturizers etc - there is only one attribute that would take them long way - sensitivity to your surroundings.

To contradict these thoughts and rather than whining away on these habits, I think its time to get married. :)

© Copyrights 2009 All Rights Reserved. Hardik Mehta

Post script: Have read the two most amazing film scripts in last 3 days. beautiful indeed.


Kunal said...

nice one...
would like one more thing to the list...
about those who get a high dose of booze on the weekends (or say any other day) and leave a sink filled with puke on the next morning... do u remember???

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