Monday, January 18, 2010

Images from The Grand Indian Wedding

There is nothing as Big in an Indian's life than a Wedding. full stop. We do not care about ambitions, awards, achievements, anniversaries etc as much as we care about the Great Indian Wedding. Its the single most important event in a common man's life. A few months back when one of my dearest friends was getting married, I had the chance to capture all these wonderful images of celebration, pomp and gaiety.

please click on the image to view large.

All geared up for the blast...

Colorful Water Cans ready for the guests.

The unique Mausaji, who would always have an opinion!

Jai Mata Di

The wonderful moment in midst of Mata ki Chowki.

The Random dancing Uncles. They have to have a jig after a swig, so what if a bhajan is playing on.

The Colours and the Lights: the two best parts of Indian Weddings.

More Colors and Light.

The Women of Light

The Band Master who can sing in both male and female voices in the wedding.

Whenever I see the photo below, i think of just one song.
Mainu Saari Raat Jagaundi aye,
Aa Sapne Bade Dikhaundi aye,
O Jugni Ok Sho K Khel Rachaundi Hai...

Mainu Maar Gayi, Tu Yaar Meri
Tu Pyaar Meri, Tu Jugni Jugni
Ho Jugni Jugni, Ho Jugni Jugni.
The song has an amazing tempo for any Baraat to go wild on the roads and people to fish out their pockets and throw the money in air. I dont know if the song has anything to do with weddings.

The Baraat entering the venue.

The Fireworks

More Fireworks

The symbol of an Indian Wedding

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