Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aman Ka Tamaasha - by Prakash Gowda

Apropos to the Times of India's initiative "Aman Ki Aasha". Here's a different take on the concept of Aman ki Aasha. By posting this poem I am not saying whether I am in support or against the concept of Aman ki Aasha. Maybe I am just evading to discuss this topic. Actually I could even fall in love with the concept since Gulzar saab has written those wonderful lines about

"Aankhon ko Visa nahi lagta..."

And the amazingly beautiful lines about playing Kabbaddi on the border.

"Utho kabaddi Kabaddi kheley sarhado par
Jo aye ab ke to laut kar phir na jaai koi..."

Enough to fall in love with your enemy. Salaam Gulzar saab.

But by posting the Aman Ka Tamasha poem by Prakash I do agree that the dream of having peace with Pakistan is far from true. Especially now, with those Huge Tunnels coming up in Pakistan. I think they are watching a lot of Sunny Deol films.

Thus on this Republic Day, I do want some opinions from people on this concept of Aman ki Asha. The way I had tried commenting on the concept of Parade in New Delhi last year. Here.

Here's the poem

Aman Ka Tamaasha

Aman ki aasha, ka liye bataasha,
Sarhad paar chale hum, liye ek naya tamaasha.

Laut kar dekha, to sarhad par khoon laga tha,
Khoon nahin bhai, yeh ketchup hi hoga,
Jo kisi fauji ne is paar phenka hoga.

Wireless par aatankwaadiyo ki dhamki sunaai di,
Dhamki nahin bhai, yeh gaane ki farmaaish hi hogi,
Jo sarhad paar, chaai ke tapri se kisi ne guzaarish ki hogi.

TV on kiya to dekha: ek bazaar mein bumb phat gaya,
Bumb nahin bhai, yeh mehez chund pataakhe honge,
Jo us paar se kisi ne Idd ka jawaab Diwali se diya hoga.

Nafrat ke trishool nahin phenkne humein,
Magar pyaar ke mantar bhi nahin japne hain.
Us paar saare aakhir apne hi to hain.
Din mein dekha to kya hua,
Aman ke khwaab aakhir sapne hi to hai!

Is Gantantra divas par aao us paar haath milaaye hum,
Haath kat bhi jaaye to kya hua, haath to badhaaye hum!
Saath phir sur milaaye hum,
Desh mein log bhookhe mare to kya,
Aao Kasab ko biryaani khilaaye hum!

Aman ke geet behro ko sunaaye hum,
Pyaar ki paribhaasha anpadho ko sikhaaye hum.
Apni har aah ko, aman ki aag mein aao sekein hum.
Gaate, muskruaate agle haamle ki, aao raah dekhein hum.

- Prakash Gowda

If you all like/agree/disagree/dislike. Please leave a comment on Prakash's blog. He is anticipating reviews for this work of his. Here's the link for his blog

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Random Thoughts said...
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Random Thoughts said...

I agree with Prakash hardik...I may sound extremely pessimistic but history hasnt drawn a very rosy picture. Eery time a hand was put forward it has been chopped off.Every time a peace initiative has begun, it has fallen apart (remember the bomb that blew away the bus depot in srinagar, the very same depot from where the bus to lahore was to leave?) And today we are hosting mr.Kasab in arthur road jail on tax payers' money...and every day in the newspaper I will read about his new demands. U knw he shd have been hanged after a speedy trial, once the RAW and CBI had extracted all info from him.
Aman ki asha is a brilliant Film...but it is only a brilliant film and nothing else!
To see that "dream" come true, we need our neighbour to be as interested in the peace process.
Why is it that we are always made into fools each time? I mean had India been America, Pakistan would have been in the rubbles of its ruins now!
Damn we are too shit scared!!
Damn we have too many Big Brothers watching us every second!
Damn our political class is fractured!
Damn we cannot give justice to our own countrymen who get butchered by the terrorists' bullets n bombs...on the border, in the cities, inside trains n planes...where not!
Damn, my government doesnot care for my life....or for yours!!
Aint I ashamed of my government!!!!

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