Saturday, November 14, 2009

Musical trysts

Just a quick post:

Music. loneliness. night. melody. - all together can bring about a lethal combination. Now if you follow music closely, you would at times find the most unlikeliest of music pieces similar across different genres and eras. But as they say, after all music just has 7 notes, so there was this amazing similarity i found in an initial music piece of a 1958 song from the film Yahudi. The song is "Dil mei pyaar ka toofan..".

The song has this arabic feel kinda start but soon it transports into the exact same instrument and notes of Bappida's ultra-famous Sharaabi song: "De de pyaar de..". The rhythm, the beats, the Band-like feel - all there...and to top this all - Farah Khan or Vishal-Shekhar thought they are givign a tribute to Bappida's song when they made "Dard-e-Disco" and esp. the start of the song. Anyways, Bappida was always a genius ( so what if he was a self-propelled one)

For listeners i would recommend the 1958 Yahudi song, its an interesting melody.

And maybe since i was in a mood to catch the very many rhythm and melody patterns, i found one more:

Baalika Vadhu's romantic song: "Bade achche lagte hain..". If one follows the song and the pattern to which it is going, than another new song comes to mind: Sonu Nigam;s "Dil se dil tak baat pahunchi..." from his album Deewana. Almost the same notes.

anyways, no particular point to this blog entry - its something that i noticed on a lazy weekend. So posted it.

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