Sunday, November 15, 2009

All That He Wants...The Youtube sensation called Dr. K

Never did Sir Timothy John, the man who is responsible for developing World Wide Web, had thought of the amazing possibilities that the Internet could unleash on mankind. But if today Sir John had seen Dr. K’s mass popularity on World Wide Web, his eyes would have lit up, the way the other Sir John (Raza Murad)’s eyes would light up seeing the Return of Raakhi in Ram Lakhan. Thats when the immortal lines were written:
"Mere bete aayenge,
dharti ko cheer ke aayenge,
aasman ka seena phaad ke aayenge..and all that.

But what Raakhi would not have expected then is, that a few years later it was not her sons whether Ram Arjun or Karan Lakhan but it was Dr. K, who resurfaced like a mythological character on YouTube. yes…just K, the way John Abraham speaks in “No Smoking”. But what even a genius like Mr. Kashyap must not have thought of is what Dr. K did.

When he went to the Reality shows auditions and different music competitions, he came to know that what television was looking for is not talent, they just wanted glamorous singers. No one recognizes genuine flair for music. Since Television is a medium that wont allow an old medical professor of 65 to sing his heart out, he turned to Internet. And…what was Television’s loss became the benefits of millions on Internet.

Never was Sir John more proud of his invention. Through the powerfool tool of Internet and an amazing invention done by the trio of Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim called Youtube, Dr. K emerged from oblivion like a Phoenix.

He took revenge on the cabal of television mafia who wont allow extraordinary talents like him to pursue his genuine passion for singing.

A little Flashback from here:

During early 90s, when Sir John was toying with the idea of Internet and Ram-Lakhan had just released, Dr. K was still teaching at the Aligarh's Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. He was a regular college professor then - delivering lectures to uninterested students, speaking scientific terms which he too wasn't sure of what they meant and a god-fearing family man with a doting wife and a daughter.

One fine day, he must have retired from his college and shifted to West Delhi's friendly neighborhood colony. Amidst the anxiety to do something, to utilize his post-retirement life, to make a difference to the world and all that kinds of parallel world thoughts, he thought of taking up his passion for music. The passion that was not allowed all these years to surface due to fake institutions like family, job, children, career etc. Thus, one fine day, regardless of what the world thinks, he thought of pursuing his talent single-mindedly and relentlessly. Look what a passion can turn a man into. In this world of Sir John’s Internet, one doesn’t need to come to Andheri and struggle it out amidst the Bombay film industry. And add to it that he is from North, so the “sons of the soil” goonda gang will beat the shit out of him. Thus, Dr. K thought of this powerfool tool – Internet or to be precise YouTube - the limitless power of the online visual to travel across the world.

Cut to Present

So what if he is a Punjabi Chauhdhry from Delhi. Can’t he like Ace of Base, MJ, Kishore Kumar, Lataji, Avril Lavigne all at a time.

Armed with a small webcam, a Karaoke system, a large collection of mp3 songs, lyrics on the computer screen and a lot of passion in his heart, Dr. K took to the Internet like no one else has ever dared to do.

“As the wide-eyed, silver-haired singer swivels in his chair, the reflection of his computer screen all over his broad-rimmed glasses, an almost ethereal experience grips viewers, who remain glued to their seats while he belts out Avril Lavignes Sk8er Boi, his personal chartbuster” quotes Maafreed Irani from the Times News Network. Such is Dr. K’s popularity.

And for all you people for whom the numbers matter, take a look at this:
1400 videos,
1700 subscribers,
2.2 million views

“I prefer singing songs by female artists, says the Bryan Adams and Mohammed Rafi fan”, who sometimes can be seen along with one of his four grandchildren on the video. His grandchildren, the daughter, the son-in-law and his wife – they all love him. And so do we…

Chand Nawab. Take this. The Power of Dr. K's singing. India always has a better answer to Pakistan's antics. So what if this time the battlefield is YouTube.

The Ace of all his performances is the video where he sings the famous Ace of Base song: "All that (s)he wants..."

Here’s the link

When the video is about to start, not a single soul can guess what the next few minutes are going to be like. Observe how he is so particular about the lyrics of every song, he bends to see it clearly on the computer screen, its almost as if he comes so near to us, peeping inside us. And oh, did I forget to mention, please don’t fall of your chairs before you hear how he ends this song.

Dr. K you are genius! If the reader has time, do read the comments on video, he has an amazing following.

The above link is his Channel. And the featuring song from the film Brahmachari is even more powerfool. Look at his eyes when he sings: “Khuda……..”

Even God would want to come down and bless this child of his.
Kanti Shah is passé. Dr. K is the “coolest” guy on Internet.

© Copyrights 2009 All Rights Reserved. Hardik Mehta


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