Monday, August 3, 2009

The Music Within and my attempt to write a proposal for Documentary filmmaking

The Music Within is a proposal for a documentary film that i had planned two years ago. Right now, the proposal has been sent to the concerned authorities, if it clicks - well then its going to open a world of opportunities for me in a completely different sector. Actually too much bollywood is harmful for health. The proof is 2 hospital visits in one year. thats just 2 much i guess.

Back to the documentary - The attached photo is of an individual called Atul Mehta, who happens to be my uncle. Between 1978 to 1989, Atul suffered from a mysterious genetic disorder called Retinosis Pigmentoza, which lead to complete blindness in his case. Imagine a normal person is told that within next ten years slowly your eyesight is gonna go and who is to blame for this - your genes. Given this kind of situation, it is extremely hard for an individual to come to terms with one's destiny. Well, its a long story, but what happened after the blindness is what the documentary is about - and that i will describe if the proposal gets a green signal.

By the way what happened in next few years is one of the biggest miracles of god that i have seen. Its a film about human endurance, hard work and an extraordinary life

In the photo besides Atul Mehta is his then 11 year old daughter, Shruti, my cousin sister.

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