Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stranger than other Directors

Caught Jim Jaramusch's Stranger than Paradise - on a sunday morning and what a wonderful sweet morning it proved to be. now from what i know he is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of independent cinema. Anyways, Jaramusch has an amazing way of showing what happens outside the limits of the screen. Almost all of his main events happen outside the realm of the screen. amazing learning. what hits you during the film is the nonchalant behavior of the characters. they are so laid back and so not what we see around on television.

Stranger than Paradise is a must watch to learn how a simple thought can be translated on screen even simply along with telling us the complexities of relationships, characters and how they live. I have not seen many directors who can make their actors act like the way they did in Stranger than Paradise. I almost fell in love with Eva, but i realized it was the way Eva was shown that made me fall in love with her. Jaramusch certainly is much much stranger than other directors. up next is his "Permanent Vacation" and "Broken Flowers"

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