Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ramblings on a friday evening - Afzal Case, Javed Akhtar and Phir bhi dil hai hindustani

As I was going through my old collection of music, I came across this gem of a number: “aao na, aao na” from a film called “Phir bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”. Surely one of the films that was a little ahead of its time. Look at what media have become these days. Ajay Bakshi with the Bomb Disposal Squad telling the nation what coloured wire will have to be detached. And the nation waiting with a bated breath on their television sets. Amazing, isn’t it? It rings in so true. Anyways back to “aao na” – the song or should I say a rough sketchy track of a minute duration, sung by one of the music directors himself is so melodious. As in, the song has got a heart and words that are as simple as “tum jaisa koi nahi hain, tum nahin jaanti…! But hear them and you will know the impact of the music. Sometimes I think there are amazing similarities in the way Paresh Rawal’s character in the film is declared as a terrorist and is forced towards capital punishment and the Mohammed Afzal situation. Look what Islamophobia, nationwide hysteria and half-baked journalism has led Afzal’s case to. Its amazing how someone who was not even completely associated with the attack has been declared as the main conspirator. Courtesy: the fanatics. There has to be another post for Afzal’s case, but as of now I think he should have been free – given the time since he has been in jail – he has almost completed the term that could have been given to him, according to the offence he had committed. For people who disagree I recommend the book “13 December: The Strange Case of the Attack on Indian Parliament”.

These days I have got into journalistic writings. Past few months, my list says:

1. S. Hussain Zaidi’s Black Friday (an amazing insight into the 1993 Bomb blasts and later on the operation to nab the criminals. Rakesh Maria, Mumbai Police – you are my hero!!)

2. 13 December (read for the 3rd time) and now the new book

3. 26/11 Mumbai (Ashish Khetan and others, not the other book that has more celebrities writing on the attack: like Barkha Dutt on 26/11 – aargh!! Someone please save us!!

As Raja Sen would say that you love movies about great journalistic attitudes is because you don’t often see great journalism these days on Television or in newspapers. Similarly, I guess am reading hard-core journalism cases on these books is because I don’t find any great journalism on any kinds of media these days. But, I guess there are a few websites doing some great job.

Coming back to Phir bhi dil hai… the title song and its line:

“Dil Dukha hai lekin, toota toh nahin,
Umeed ka daman chuta toh nahin… “

Waah Javed Saab waah. From the most clichéd words, Javed saab can weave the most intrinsic meanings. That’s his power, on the other hand Gulzar saab would have made us go back to dictionaries and have made us learn a whole new set of words. And then we would join the dots to take out a meaning.

Weekend is near, will listen both of them again and will come up with an analysis on them.

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