Sunday, February 1, 2009

What was A R Rahman thinking?

So its all Jai Ho and all ga-ga for the Mozart, but i think the master composer sometimes overlooks a few details. Let me announce at the preset that i am a huge huge Rahman fan and i know there are many like me. i would also like to boast the fact that i can hear any instrument from Rahman's vast library and can tell in five seconds what song is that and where was that instrument again used. for eg: Take the new anthem; "Masakali". Now its a wonderful song, no doubt - the free spirit, the words, the accordion, the voice - all are so well stitched together. But hear the song again. And note a particular thing the composer does at these times in the song. There's a particular background arrangement like out of some 80's B movie. sample this at:


now after you have heard the song, this particular instrument or the arrangement he does at the above mentioned durations is highly highly irritating to the rhythm. Its like someone has placed a bloody Dam and diverted the flow of a melodious river. I mean, in retrospect. what was the need? imagine the song and its melody without that thing he plays - it would not change a bit. I bet it. And i am surprised at the fact that no one even noticed this strange inclusion of the arrangement. neither the Engineers, nor his assistants, nor the director! I am a huge fan of Rakeysh Sir's choice of music and instruments. but this thing sometimes prevents me from listening to Masakali again and again. else i think the song is the best melody that any of the three films of ROM has produced.

Also Rahman sir! If the song Genda Phool would have been longer by one more antra, no one would have minded it.

here's wishing i hear more of you this year!

i still remain a huge fan of yours,

Hardik Mehta

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