Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Box Office ka Raaz - Mr. Bhatt, Mr. Bhatt please teach me something!

While we all keep discussing DevD, Luck By Chance and Slumdog Millionaire – the box office never responds to people like us. If you see the Box office figures, you will come to the conclusions that the janta hardly cares for these films. But, then whom does the box office listen to? The Mystery continues…yes. Raaz by the bay! Sorry. Raaz by the way is declared (or self-declared) as the first Smash hit of 2009. On this, I want to ask 10 basic questions to Mr. Bhatt (Ahem.. any Bhatt for that matter: Vikram, Mahesh, Mukesh, Pooja or the extended family like Hashmi, Mohit Suri and many more)

1. How do you create a formula for a Hit film? I mean genuinely how come you churn out - hit after hit? 1920, Jannat and now Raaz. Have you mastered the art of knowing the pulse of Indian audience?

2. Why has Indian government given rights only to your production house, for importing the perfect music talent from neighboring countries?

3. Is any of your relative still left to make a debut on or off screen?

4. Does Emran Hashmi select the film based on music directors or the directors?

5. After Elaan, why dint you continue with Prabhuji? – The idea of Mithunda as villain is so smashing. Hats off to you guys!

6. Do you have a 4 film per year strategy? – one thriller, one horror, one romantic musical and one directed by a relative/cousin?

7. Does the patriarch of the Bhatt clan still direct, or is he too busy giving opinions to talk shows, news channels?

8. Have you signed a pact with Thailand government to give you concession for the shoots, the way Switzerland gives to some big studios?

9. Are the reports, of directors in your production house directing a film via telephone, really true?

10. And finally, of this list: which only includes your films from past 5 years, which one do you think is the best, or of this which is that one film that the critics applauded.

Raaz 2, 1920, Speed, Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee, Red, Ankahee, Deewane Huye Paagal, Jurm, Elaan, Awaarapan, Aetbaar, Inteha, Footpath, Awara Paagal Deewana, Raaz, Kasoor, Showbiz, Dhokha, Awarapan, Woh Lamhe, The Killer, Gangster, Murder, Footpath, Holiday, Filmstar, Paap, Kalyug, Nazar, Zeher (sorry if i have missed any!)

Oh by the way, did I forget to tell that nowadays I miss the fun of watching films like Daddy, Saransh, Arth, Ghulam and Zakhm. Bhatt that's an era forgotten!

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