Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reactions to a Bhaand

First the definition: According to the Sarai website and the writer Mahmood Farooqui (not sure if he's the same: co-director of Peepli Live) "Bhaands were mimics, lampoonists, satirists, outspoken commentators on the affairs of the day, stand up comedians, masters of pun, sarcasm, double entendre and performance.

Now, from how I see it - Europe is the best place where Bhaands get their due respect. They are encouraged there unlike India where the 3 Idiots will take the mantle to explain Indian parents whats the value of 'kala' in a 'kalakar'. The streets in Europe are full of artists. After all "kyon na ho" the place, the buildings, the atmosphere, the joie-de-vivre of European cities will automatically turn even a dull morose boring engineer into a poet. Its not surprising that over the years Europe has produced so many artists, painters, poets and writers. How can Mumbai produce such artists with the kind of atmosphere one lives here in. "khair chhodo yeh sab!"

Coming back to the topic. A photographer friend generously gave her amazing Tele lens to me on the last day of my stay in edinburgh. Without losing a single second, I took to the streets and tried capturing the spirit of the city in its people. Now mostly people who you will find in Edinburgh city are the visitors, travelers types who might have come for a good spring break. And after being there for 2 months, i was tired of the same places, thus capturing the portraits came to my mind. As i took to the streets with that amazing lens, I saw a whole lot of crowd where a street artist was performing. Everyone was enchanted by that Bhaand's performance. The Bhaand was a Polish immigrant into the UK and was known for his amazing fire juggling, sword guzzling, weird balancing and god knows what all kinds of acts. While performing one of those dangerous acts from a certain height he said
"If i fall down and die dont worry ladies and gentlemen there is another immigrant ready to come into the UK and entertain you all"

"Kitni badi baat, haste haste bol diya"

The following are some of the reactions from people to that wonderful act of the Polish Bhaand. Click on the picture to view large!

Finally, the Bhaand

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vandy said...

That day I was reading about the BAHUROOPIAS and their plight.They are opting for other professions.
Donno if ppl outside Uttar Pradesh Know abt them.They are excellent actors.

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