Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The most cliched Hindi Film Background Music and my favourite LSD moment

There's something about the background music and sound effects used in hindi films that unites all of them in a certain way. Well, what unites them is they all use the same kind of background music in the same kind of situations.

Like suddenly the strings of sitar would go as soon as a piece of good news is being given by the hero to his mother - whether he introduces a new "to-be-wife" to his mother or brings the news of his passing the exams, getting the job or the best: the news of "my father is alive" else "mere pitaaji zinda hai!"

And since background score is something that cannot be written about, here I have tried a different interactive format. Hear the video and I am sure you must have heard these kind of background scores from B R Chopra's Mahabharata to Kanti Shah's Gunda.
That reminds me. Do not forget to vote for your favourite "Gunda" character on the right side of the blog.

What! you haven't seen Gunda?

And why is the post called my favourite LSD moment, you will have to hear the video.



Willy Wonka said...

he he hardy! was thinking of you while watching LSD, the way they introduce each segment with a C grade film poster and an opening sound...you follow greatbong right? you must read his book if u havent yet, its good in bits and pieces

Rashmi said...

Man.....u r something! :) You are able to give words to the minutest feelings too!