Monday, December 14, 2009

The Best of 2009 Hindi film music and my Ten Commandments to hear this year

One can almost call it the end of the year for all the music scores that had to come from hindi films OSTs, and well, unlike last year, this year had some good music infact some great music scores. It has always been the case with hindi films - the soundtrack and the songs have been better than the films in their content. The best example last year: Rab ne Bana Di Jodi - what a wonderful harmonium used in "haule haule" and an amazing title track sung by roopkumar rathod and yet the film, well one couldn't thank Rab for ending it.

This year, i have chosen ten best songs that represent a particular 'mood'. Songs or soundtrack that take you back to your own times, paint your own memories and create a definite 'mood' with the power of their words, their music and no issues if the visuals couldn't support the words or the melody - its ok. The song matters, if the visuals can add to it - then good, if not - we are listening.

1. Song: Aisi Sazaa
Film: Gulaal

The most haunting voice to emerge since a long time. Shilpa rao. She had shown a few shades of her brilliance in the movie Aamir's song: "Ek Lau". But in Gulaal, she was on another level. Agreed, the song has shades of Nino Rota's The Godfather theme. But the haunting voice, the words, the rain in the middle of the song will remain for you forever. Highly Recommended to hear this song in "saanp jaisi kaali raat mei...". Shame on the Gulaal team to not include the full song in the final print in theatre.

2. Sorry for the bias. But no. 2 is again
Film: Gulaal.
Song: "Duniya" by Piyush Mishra.

Its one thing to lament a generation and another to write and compose the kind of poem like "Duniya" Piyush Mishra writes, sings and composes with all his heart - ah! finally a complete poet that we hindi musicwallas were looking for. Sameer, Rahat Indori, Dev Kohli - get lost. We have had too much of you guys. And add to the fact that Mr. Mishra was taking on a Guru Dutt-Sahir Ludhianvi poem that is already considered a legend. Any inch of its original word used or any original note of its music, if played around, could have lead to blasphemy for him. But listen to Gulaal's "yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai..." and look around our world and television, it is easy to draw the parallels. Touching!

3. Song & Film: Kaminey (title track)

How can a Gulzarsaab-Vishalji's amazing amazing melody not feature in the first three. It really has the mood i was mentioning in the above paragraphs. Even in a crowded train it has the power to transport you to the hills, even in your busiest meetings, it has the power to lead you to introspecting your life. Much powerful than their previous collaboration "O saathi re..." from Omkara

How many in our country can write:
"kabhi zindagi se maanga pinjare mein chaand laado...
kabhi lal ten leke kaha aasman pe tango...."

And note the best part. All these exceptional songs are always sung by their creators. Like Tendulkar saves his best for Australia. The last two being the perfect examples.

4. Song: Masakali
Album: Delhi 6

Fact 1: Not many years in recent history can boast of top three songs without an AR Rahman number, and that too when a Rahman fanatic is preparing his list of songs.
Fact 2: There's no better voice than Mohit Chauhan for a romantic ballad. Sanu-da is passe.

If effervescence is a state of mind than Mohit Chauhan surely knows how to deliver the perfect notes. Masakali is a gem of a composition with its melodious accordion and delightful words like "kasbe", "khoonche", "nukkad", "basti", "colony" - ahaa! kya baat hai.

5. Song: Nayan Tarse / Emotional Atyaachaar
Album: DevD

What would have been DevD without Amit Trivedi? Nayan Tarse for me takes the cake in the album. The song also has the distinction of being heard for the maximum number of times on my iPod. The trumpet, the beat, the flow creates a definite mood and again the composer singing the song himself. Some of you who are still reading will be surprised to know that my group of friends and me were the "firsts" to hear the "emotional atyachaar" rough cut version when Mr. Kashyap had come to Jamia in Delhi during Dec-Jan 2007-08. The song had just come to him by email and he was very excited to make people hear from his Macbook. Frankly, i was wondering what is so exciting about these words "emotional" and "atyaachaar" and look what a nation-wide craze it became. Its almost that this song could get people into theaters to watch DevD. Talk about tapping the market and knowing the pulse. Mr. Kashyap - Mighty impressed...

6. Song: Aaj Din Chadeyaan
Film: Love Aaj Kal

Saif ali Khan as Sardar waiting on the streets of Kolkata - staring at the opposite balcony - misty morning- the simple salwaar-kameez clad girl appears and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings the song in the background. The ONLY one moment i felt in love with Love Aaj Kal. Pritam - hindi film's most in-demand music composer makes to the list.

Maanga jo mera hai, jaata kya tera hai
maine kaunsi tujhse jannat maang li...
Kaisa khuda hai tu, bas naam ka hai tu
rabaa jo teri itni si bhi na chali...
Jeeti rahe sultanat teri, jeeti rahein aashiqui meri...

Well done, Irshad Kamil.
The poet to look forward to.

7. Song: Sapno se bhare naina
Film: Luck by Chance

Partly coz the way the song is shot in the film. Everyone has been to those stupid interview rounds in their various stages of life. Before that one interview, many of us go to the loo and love to look at ourselves in mirror and ask - "will you make it?" And then the plethora of candidates for that one job, and you thinking, i am better than them - "Sapno se bhare naina, toh neend hai na chaina....". Watch out for the Casting candidates Edit cuts, their mobile numbers, names, acting styles and their confidence. yes...partly life is about Luck by Chance, the title and partly like the film's dialogue - "Manzil hum tak nahi, hum manzil tak jaate hain...". Movies...yay...!!

8. Song: Iktara
Film: Wake up Sid

"Sun rahein hain soodh-boodh hoke tumhe Amit Trivedi...". Hard to come up with a song that can over-shine Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's compositions in the album. Iktara just did that in Wake up Sid. Haven't watched the film yet.

9. Song: Barso Yaaron
Film: London Dreams

For reasons unknown to many, i love this song for its energy and Shankar Mahadevan's love for breathlessness, of which i have always been a fan of. Forget that it featured Ajay Devgan as a rockstar (aaargh..). The composition has a wonderful combination of ebb & tide rhythm and the electric guitar. When Roopkumar Rathod sings without any music piece, it does feel like you are in a stadium and it echoes from one corner to another.

10. Song: Tu he haqeeqat
Film: Tum Mile

Pritam again!!. unbelievable. But yes it is true. Refreshing soundtrack. Javed Ali's voice soars and soars high in this breezy romantic track, and the chorus or the additional singers support him well in this exceptional number from a very good album. Even the title track Tum Mile - Javed Ali version is a very decent composition. How does Emran Hashmi manage the dubious distinction of all the bad films and excellent soundtracks together.

Consolation: Since i love and expect a lot from Salm-Suleiman's compositions, i would add Kurbaan's title track to this illustrious list. "Kurbaan hua.." does have a mood and a feel due to Vishal Dadlani's vocals. The other day when i was in Bandra West walking on Turner Road, Vishal Dadlani passed by me. i thought of telling him that - Kurbaan Hua is sung exceptionally well but then told myself, its ok - next year's resolution is: "To be a part of a music recording session in one of those state-of-the-art studios with good acoustics." What a high can one get while singing, recording and not knowing how many hours passed by.

© Copyrights 2009 All Rights Reserved. Hardik Mehta


sadist_manoj said...

Well composed..The emossional atyachar trivia was nice..:)

manthan said...

Good compilation......

Was just wondering,if "tu jaane na" from Ajab prem ki gajab kahaani could have been a close # 11 in the list.

hardik mehta said...

manthan - you are absolutely spot on -
"tu jaane na" should have been included in the ten...


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