Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Music Aaj Kal...

a quick round up on the hindi film music scene these days:

Love Aaj Kal
Re-Hashed, Remixed - Sounds good in parts. But please nowhere near its predecessor Jab We Met. Can we do away with this logic that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - matlab - the song must be good. Ya its been true at times - but here the song "Aaj din chadeiyan" starts well, than after a point it doesn't stir you up.

"Aahun Aahun" has a nice start again with the guitar going from L to R and R to L. Its Madan Maddi's rhythm as they say. The Rap part in the song makes it utterly sad. But the Madan Maddi's part makes you feel there is so much to Punjabi folk than whats been projected to us.

"Chor Bazaari" does have a nice beat, undoubtedly. And the Band part makes you go "dhinchak". But i dont agree that Niraj Shridhar was the best choice for the song. Sunidhi is apt.Loved the use of owrd "ghatna"

"Mei kya hoon"
KK has so much fond memories of my growing up with singing and going to the higher octave. It was some time since i heard his voice. He's back in this song and his voice soars like an eagle at some parts. But i think almost all of Love Aaj Kal's songs start well but cant match up in their antaras.

my my - these guys (at Vishesh films) know how to make awesome music- Create, Beg, borrow, or steal - but they would surely come out with stuff that on a certain level clicks. Like we wait for Rahman's new album, there are people out there who wait desperately for music from the next Vishesh films venture. Jashnn's "dard-e-tanhai" works for me - it may not for some - but it surely will be on the top of chartbusters.
Even the "Nazrein Kahaan " has a nice crescendo in the end. It does sound like a desi-Enigma version - but people out here love it. Its already on the no 1 spot, as one of my friends told me.

Did i read Salim-Suleiman on the credit list?
Only "Khudaya ve" deserves some mention, Salim Merchant's voice is good. Why doesnt he use often?the rest as the visuals look - ordinary fanfare.
"Jee Le" seems like been there, done that. A rehash of Aaja Nachle's Ishq hua.

Lets save the best for last. Mohit Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh, Suresh Wadkar - take the cake. What renditions! Easily the best singer of our times for romantic ballads - Mohit Chauhan.
Gulzasaab too saves all his ammunition for his people.
When was the last time we heard a beautiful romantic song and were reminded of those wonderful days - when life went past by in slow motion and you felt like running into the arms of your favourite person."Pehli baar Mohhabbat" will remind you of all those days, moments, memories.

The Pulp-fictionique song will do great for all the pubs. It too boasts of awesome lyrics. Visuals remind me of "kung-fu fighting" sequences of City of God.

Did Radiohead come to compose "Go Charlie Go"?. If you mix Radiohead, sprinkle a doze of Kalyanji Anandji and bits of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy you would get this theme.

You wouldnt expect a word like "Kaminey" in the soft number that Suresh Wadkar sings. I felt that there was some mistake in naming the song untill i heard Wadkar singing "meri aarzoo kamini...". Awesome. Stuff that can force you to think different.

P.S: if I listen to all songs made during last year in 2008 - the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi harmonium still doesnt leave my mind. What a composition.

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