Saturday, January 24, 2009

a conversation with a "Mumbaikar" auto rickshawaala

the conversation starts when the auto is in middle of a traffic jam and the driver has been spitting incessantly throughout the small journey - so much so that the red stain almost makes you feel like someone s blood is splattered on the roads due to an accident. you will feel this if u hate seeing people spitting on roads.

hero: (irritated) "why do u spit so much?"

driver: "hello boss...what?"

hero: "i said why the hell are you spitting so much..?"

driver: (now arrogant) "you think you own the auto with that ten rupees you have paid to me?"

hero: "hello mister, if you want i will get down here - and take this ten rupees"

driver: (now calmer, doesnt want to loose the customer) "sir, we drivers cant do without spitting" have you seen how much stress, how much traffic we face daily?"

hero: "so does that give you license to spit carelessly like this?"

driver: "arrey sir, we cant do without it, it is better you understand"

the auto comes to a stop. the destination has arrived, the other passengers respectively pay and move on. a fellow auto driver looks towards the auto and asks his fellow mate:

Fellow driver: "hey what happened? whats the heated argument about?"

Driver: (points the red mass of liquid floating on the middle of road, the sun shining on it) "now look at that, everyone spits..."

hero: (cuts him in between) "so what everyone does, has to be right is it?" tell me are you a maharashtrain? "

driver: (proudly) "yes"

hero: "so why do you dirty your own city? you all collectively blame the outsiders (bhaiyyas) for dirtying the city, but look at yourself..."

Chancing an opportunity, the fellow auto driver jumps in between.

fellow driver:(to his mate) "hey why do u spit in the middle of the road? do it on the sides."

hero: "arrey hello..mister please mind your business"

the fellow driver sulks.

hero: (continuing): "if we dont clean our city, then at least dont dirty it"

there is silence for a while. each of them now know, that this is the last nail.

another customer from the busy street asks the driver for a particular destination. the driver readily agrees. the hero leaves but noth without one more kick-ass lines:

hero: "aur phir apne aap ko mumbaikar bolte hai...huh..."

my question to myself was what do you do to stop these people from spitting. making a documentary is hardly going to make an impact - those who see documentaries are hardly going to spit and those who spit do not watch documentaries. or maybe i am just wrong? but i am still groping for a solution.

the incident described above is based on a real life account.

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