Wednesday, November 5, 2008

mumbai moorings!

in suketu mehta's Maximum City - there is a character who when returns from his native place in Gujarat to Mumbai - feels extremely frustrated on seeing Virar station - thats how pretty much i too feel when i return to this megapolis -
but then half a billion people who go and come back hardly have a option - the city sucks u in...!

so here i am..back to mumbai - the karmabhoomi. Although like Suketu - i too once upon a time lived here for 11 years - before i left for good or bad - but now again coming back to this city - i dont feel the same love for Mumbai which i had for Bombay...:)

maybe it will take time. and as such the same city where you were once a school going kid and now where you are working your ass of - will never be the same...!

but am learning to love this city. and ya am in no mood to learn marathi!

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