Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ray's best

There’s something about the classics.. they always give u several reasons to appreciate. And the best part is that every individual finds a different reason to appreciate the film. Watched Ray’s Charulatha – known as his best work (at times even better than Pather Panchali) – undoubtedly Charulatha has frames to die for. Excellent compostions, extraordinary placements of characters in frame, splendid camera movements – Charulatha is Ray’s best work indeed. Although I am far from completing his filmography yet having seen a certain amount of World Cinema - Charulatha can stand tall amongst all. The camera is as efficient as it was of Greg Toland in Citizen Kane. And ya I am damn sure when I make this statement – albeit there are a few technical errors – like a bit of focus here and there – the zoom ins could have been a little smoother but apart from that Charulatha has some amazing camera moments and movements. Critics have appreciated this film for Ray’s perfect adaptation of Tagore’s story but sincei have not read it I cannot comment on that but Ray’s technical and story-telling achievement came together in Charulatha – a musssssst watch anyday!

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